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The Namitha Theatre membership awards you with a Namitha Theatre movie service on a streaming-only basis that is non-transferable, non-exclusive with limited license to access & view movies.

The content available about the movies on Namitha Theatre website is endorsed, moderated and owned by Namitha Theatre.  


Copyright to images and videos are owned by Namitha Theatre movies. The contents of this website or parts of the website may not be duplicated and reproduced, visited, copied or stored in a retrieval system. It may not be transmitted or sold or resold and exploited for any commercial purpose through any form of electronic or mechanical, photocopied or recorded.


It is our sole intent to make certain a continuous availability of the website and that the broadcast will be without glitches. Nonetheless, issues of irregularity of the Internet are to be considered in some places. Admissions to the website may be occasionally restricted to make allowances for repairs and maintenances the duration of which therein, will be limited to shorter frequencies.

Waiver on a right to claim

The content in this website commences in good faith for general guidance and no act or instance of waiving a right or claim can be accepted for loss, injury or expense incurred as a result of relying in exacting circumstances on statements made on the site. Namitha Theatres Movies takes utmost effort to update the website as much as possible. Although the sources of information acquired are believed to be reliable, there is no guarantee on the exactness and entirety of the opinions based thereon.

Multiple sites links and offers

Sites and contents of any third-party website Links are not under the control of what’s on Namitha Theatre movies and hence, cannot in any way guarantee the prices or availability, quality nor the delivery of the products and services offered on these sites.

The links provided on the Namitha Theatre movie website are not endorsed by Namitha Theatres and we do not take responsibility for any credit worthiness and therefore, not liable for any expenses or damages incurred.

Any consumer using links and facilities of the third party on our website will do so with prior investigations and assessments of the concerned third party.


Namita Theatre

Namita Theatre short movies is an South Indian subscription movie on-demand over-the-top streaming on Namita Theatre. This comes as a standalone subscription offering

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